Thursday, March 19, 2020

100 word challenge

one day I was walking along the street with Molly when we came across a banana. We thought this was just a normal  banana but we were wrong. It was a black banana and we all know that black bananas are great for baking banana cakes so we took it home, gathered some ingredients and made a banana cake. But a problem occurred when peeling the banana we realized that it was rock solid,we jumped on it, smashed it with a heavy hammer and even after that it still wasn't damaged. So we had to make a regular cake.

1 comment:

  1. Dia duit Chloe (Hello in Irish!)
    Well done on writing a fine story. It flows nicely and reads well. How clever of you to know that old bananas are great for banana bread. I wonder why the banana was so hard? Very strange. I am glad you were able to make a cake in the end.
    Keep writing! Maith thú, Mairéad